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Creating a Culture of Teamwork While Working From Home

In today’s technological world, people can tune in to work from virtually anywhere at any time. This provides great flexibility on the employee side but poses a unique challenge for the employer. As the workforce continues to expand across the physical and virtual space, companies are searching for ways to create a positive experience for … Read more

Establish a Foundation for Effective Teamwork with The Five Behaviors®

How do you unite three global groups into one cohesive team and set them up for success? Finding a sustainable solution to that question ranked at the top of Darci Kleindl’s task list when she accepted the role as general manager of sales enablement and sales excellence for the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) organization within … Read more

From Turnover to Teamwork with The Five Behaviors®

5 BEHAVIORS CASE STUDY What would you do if half of your leadership team was ready to quit? Ohio Living Mount Pleasant took it as an opportunity to rediscover their team’s passion and purpose. Introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between make up today’s workforce. While each person is unique, everyone shares the need to feel … Read more

Soft Skills, Big Impact: Elevating Workplace Satisfaction

Job seekers have more options than ever in this competitive job market and as we have learned, their priorities have evolved since before the pandemic. Professional development and lifelong learning have emerged as important benefits that organizations can offer to attract and keep top talent while filling the ever-present skills gap created by The Great … Read more

From Disconnected to Determined: How the Five Behaviors® Helps Teams Thrive

The Wiley Workplace Intelligence Annual Report Much like the years preceding it, 2023 brought rapid change and innovation to the workplace. A year marked by technological advancement and continued attempts to recalibrate after the disruption of the pandemic, 2023 represented a year of transition. Wiley Workplace Intelligence spent the year investigating the important issues that … Read more

Establishing a Foundation of Trust

Trust is the foundation of The Five Behaviors®, and without it, the collaboration vital for team success becomes elusive. Trust requires vulnerability, the assurance that colleagues have each other’s backs, and confidence in one another’s intentions. By exploring the first behavior, as outlined by Patrick Lencioni in the New York Times best-seller The Five Dysfunctions … Read more