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Executive Leadership Coaching

Management Leadership Coaching

“The more we learn about our natural tendencies, the easier it is to teach ourselves how to be good, how to be happy, how to be fruitful, how to respect ourselves, and how to love.”
— William James —

Common Management / Leadership Issues Addressed

executive leadership coaching AtlantaOur Atlanta-based Executive Leadership Coaching Services can help you unlock your unique leadership potential and get to the next level in your career. You will learn how to grow beyond your comfort zone, shift your mindset, and acquire the essential leadership skills to progress and become more fulfilled personally as well as professionally.

Since 1995, I have coached thousands of people to become more self-aware and masterful in the way they use their minds and emotions. My team is comprised of highly qualified, experienced, ICF-certified, credentialed executive leadership coaches.

There are ever-evolving and expanding tools and methodologies available today from such diverse fields as neuroscience, emotional intelligence, talent management, leadership development, personality assessments, the arts, mind-body medicine and the healing arts, psycho-spiritual development, and more. My team and I are avid learners and synthesizers. Our ability to draw from a wide range of disciplines can bring you in touch with the combination of tools and resources which will work best for you.
We assist you in unlocking your unique potential, growing beyond your comfort zones, and developing new skills. Clients have engaged us to assist them with the people side of various executive coaching needs such as:

  • Building their Emotional Intelligence capabilities and flexibility
  • Taking on new responsibilities and people management issues
  • Coping with changing environments and office politics
  • Considering a new position or career
  • Building upon their strengths and developing their areas for growth
  • Developing superior interpersonal and productive conflict skills
  • Managing stress and developing self-esteem
  • Getting “unstuck” and creating a positive mental attitude
  • Becoming an exceptional leader
  • Becoming a powerful communicator
  • Clarifying their personal as well as their team’s vision

Learning the fine art of people-whispering and effective interpersonal communication skills are two of the keys to successful leadership development. If you find yourself stuck in a middle-management job or role in any organization where you are not progressing, executive leadership coaching can increase your self-awareness and self-management skills. Once limiting beliefs and thinking and feeling patterns of behavior are identified, we can create a development plan tailored specifically for you.

The Power of Understanding and Self-Awareness

Management Development AtlantaWe also assist clients in understanding others through assessments and other tools including the Everything DiSC®, Five Behaviors®, PXT Select™ and Trust Inside suite of solutions. All of these assessments can help you understand yourself and others better by shedding light on how you tend to communicate, manage time and stress, problem-solve, make decisions, manage conflict, and more. For more information on the insight assessments can provide into your own and others’ behavior, please visit the associated Solutions page.

If you’ve ever worked for a great boss, you’d probably agree that that person knew themselves, understood others and could partner with others because of their ability to communicate effectively. In the leadership arena, there is no substitute for someone who has mastered the art of listening and bringing out the best in their staff, peers, and even their “superiors.” A great leader or executive addresses others with respect, speaks to them in their language, and inspires those around them to reach greater heights and levels of consciousness and awareness. Insights in and of themselves are not enough, however.

Even world class leaders will tell you that having a coach can help increase their effectiveness by providing the structure and the safe environment for the practice of good habits, personal responsibility, and accountability.

We’d be happy to have an initial conversation to discuss your individual or your organization’s needs and how we might work together. Contact us at Laura@lauraadavis.com or 404-327-6330.

Team Coaching

“Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching.”
— George Van Valkenburg —

Why is Team Coaching an Emerging Talent Management Best Practice?

One of the emerging best practices in Talent Management today is Team Coaching and Team Learning. In today’s complex global organizational environments, it is wise to consider models other than the “great individual” model of leadership. In some companies, for example, leadership is moving towards a team of executives and may be formalized in such structures as “Office of the President” or “Office of the Chief Executive” where the “office” is a decision-making team of four to nine people.

There are good reasons for organizations to implement this executive team leadership model, not the least of which is to realize all the talent and intelligence of the most senior people. The most challenging issues global organizations face today are often cross-functional or cross-disciplinary. To find solutions to these issues requires deep expertise in specific areas as well as an understanding of the relationships between functions.

Secondly, in an environment where leaders and managers are seeing their job as setting vision and strategy and are delegating planning and implementation to middle and frontline employees, people are inspired by a collaborative executive team. If a corporate culture of influence is encouraged, people are more bought in when they see a group of people at the top truly sharing a vision and a strategy and modeling it in their behavior.

The “Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” process as well as the Personal Development Profile and its associated training are excellent programs to achieve these goals.

At an executive level, we can assist you in:

  • Achieving alignment among team members based on their leadership, team, and communication styles
  • Upgrading team development and people skills
  • Evaluating your team efforts
  • Coaching your supervisors and team managers to become team coaches

At a mid to front-line level, we can assist you in:

  • Training team members in coaching, team, and interpersonal skills
  • Upgrading the skill sets of team leaders and coaches
  • Providing management team facilitation and support

Why Invest in Coaching?

In today’s business environment, coaching is a business imperative. Coaching is a strategic skill for all leaders at all levels. Coaching enables you to develop your own skills as well as to inspire and develop your team(s) for peak world-class performance and excellence.

The fast-paced, global economy of the 21st century requires us to make better decisions faster and to learn new technologies more rapidly. In order to do this, employees need a way to learn more effectively and efficiently. Education and experience are no longer enough because the rules of the game are changing so rapidly.

Coaching is the tool that can help develop skills and enhance performance. It is also a portal to facilitate personal and spiritual growth by allowing people to gain new perspective on their values, skills, and passions in order to improve satisfaction, engagement, and fulfillment, and therefore, productivity and retention. Last, it is an empowering leadership style that is appropriate when creativity and innovation are vital to achieve business results.

What are the 4 P’s of Coaching Effectiveness?

leadership coachingPartnership:
During the coaching process, a trusting partnership is created between the coach and the client whether that client is an individual leader or a team or both. With challenges such as globalization, virtual team management, rapidly changing roles and responsibilities, continual downsizings, restructurings, and reorganizations, little trust and teamwork exist in many corporate organizational cultures 

The coaching relationship can provide a safe place for support. The coach acts as a sounding board, a guide, a resource, and a cheerleader offering the appropriate balance of challenge and support.

People Skills:
We are experts in helping others think, feel, and work together in powerfully effective ways. Some of the common focus areas for team and executive coaching include:

  • Developing an empowering leadership style using coaching skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback for change and reinforcement
  • Understanding communication style and its impact on relationship-building
  • Making key decisions and designing appropriate strategies
  • Bringing a project to its completion
  • Training and developing team members
  • Creating lifestyle balance and meeting the self-actualization needs of team members

Personal Responsibility:
We elicit a commitment from our clients so that they learn to hold themselves accountable for their progress. The coaching relationship provides the structure and support people need to achieve their desired success and move from where they are to where they want to be. This relationship also serves as a model for leaders when they work with their teams, their peers, and everyone in their life.

All lasting change begins with a change in the way a leader influences themselves and others in managing the attitudes, energy, and commitment of their people. Outstanding employee engagement and performance results from a combination of self-awareness and knowledge, leadership style, interpersonal skill, and business acumen.

Coaching Clinic®

Research suggests that for coaching to deliver significant benefits, employers need to ensure that managers are provided with up-to-date Manager-as-Coach training.

Training and Development Magazine


Today’s highly challenging business environment demands that individuals and organizations perform at higher levels and with greater speed than ever before. Today’s leaders must develop the skills necessary to inspire their employees to excel. The old style of “command-and-control” is no longer an effective approach. THE COACHING CLINIC® is a contemporary leadership program designed to train leaders at all levels to use coaching techniques to manage their people.

THE COACHING CLINIC® teaches leaders to apply comprehensive coaching skills that support and enable direct reports to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to be successful. Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc. helps managers understand the ease with which these coaching skills can be incorporated into their existing management style, and their organization’s established performance management systems.


THE COACHING CLINIC® is a two-day leadership development program where executives, managers, and HR professionals learn crucial coaching skills and competencies. Individuals gain an in-depth understanding of the coaching process. During the two-day program, participants discover how to inspire others to believe in their own success and make significant shifts with extraordinary results—all through state-of-the-art coaching techniques. Leaders also discover their personal coaching style using the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile®, which provides insights into how best to communicate with their team members for rapid development.

Through THE COACHING CLINIC®, organizations and individuals…

Discover coaching as a powerful model for leadership and management
Experience and practice “state-of-the-art” coaching
Learn the structure and skills to immediately enhance performance
Position the organization for rapid change, growth, and development
Apply learning in the workplace—immediately

Trainer to participant ratio for THE COACHING CLINIC® is approximately 1:8, ensuring all participants get individual attention and coaching. We work with adult learning theory principles to ensure maximum effectiveness and retention.


THE COACHING CLINIC® effectively trains individuals in the skills necessary for coaching within an organization. It provides a coaching toolkit of knowledge, techniques, and practiced skills that managers and leaders can apply competently and confidently in their work situation to gain immediate benefits. Participants leave the workshop with action plans to address many of the challenges they face every day.

Applying coaching skills drives rapid development of individuals and teams, while fostering leadership growth. Managers who successfully integrate coaching skills into their management approach, step up to powerfully lead, encourage, and inspire their people to excellence.

THE COACHING CLINIC® delivers a fully developed model, which managers, leaders, and coaches can implement immediately in their organization to:

  • Promote innovation and accelerate results
  • Effectively develop and retain valuable team members
  • Improve organizational communication and team effectiveness
  • Deepen commitment to personal, professional, and organizational goals
  • Fulfill talent management and succession planning goals

THE COACHING CLINIC® equips managers and leaders to “show up” as coaches in their working relationships. Workplace coaching expands beyond performance review to become part of every workplace interaction. This program also challenges participants to raise the standards for their own skills and competencies.

Who Should Attend?
This clinic is suitable for leaders at every level who want to learn advanced communication and organizational leadership skills, including:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human Resource professionals
  • Training professionals

THE COACHING CLINIC® plays a critical role in both organizational development and improved business results. As managers consistently incorporate the acquired coaching techniques of listening, feedback, support, and guidance, benefits become clear. Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc. knows that people are the key to business success. It’s people who turn visions into reality and strategies into action plans. THE COACHING CLINIC® leadership development program is the ideal platform for establishing a coaching culture in your organization.

THE COACHING CLINIC® has been successfully presented to corporations in a variety of industries worldwide. Developed by Corporate Coach University (CCU), the program has earned a strong positive reputation as a comprehensive training program in core coaching skills for leaders.

Why Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc.?
Experience, customization, and personalization! We work with the best, providing High Performance programs and services tailor-made to suit your needs. Our unique synergy of solid business experience, executive leadership coaching experience, and self-assessment/instrumented learning expertise makes us uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive solutions, giving us a distinctive edge over any competition.

We’re extraordinary diagnosticians – give us a few hours and we’ll analyze your situation and prescribe a High-Performance solution that promises to exceed your expectations. We create success by teaching you the principles for inspired success as well as the fine art of people-whispering. These mindset shifts and essential 21st century skills are the keys to creating an organizational culture of trust, teamwork, and personal responsibility which leads to profit and sustainability.

What Clients Are Saying About THE COACHING CLINIC®…
“This program enabled me to see the shortfalls and blind spots in my leadership style which were contributing negatively to morale. I learned the communication skills I needed to rise to the challenge.”
— Manager, Customer Support

“I have a new perspective on how to respond to management challenges and communicate in a way which leaves my team empowered and aligned. Thank you for turning on the light.”
— Controller, Finance and Accounting