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Trust Inside Assessments

Trust Inside Assessments

to learn how to measure and build trust at all levels

The Assessments

All three assessments are completed in a secure, confidential online platform environment and take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

The Results

Are delivered in an easy to read report with graphs and charts to explain the outcomes and provide interpretation where necessary. Individual responses are kept confidential and secure to ensure honest feedback.

The Debrief

A full debrief is provided by a Certified Intégro Associate to the appropriate people, complete with workbooks and Development Notes to ensure meaningful action plans.

Employee Passion and Engagement

Employee Engagement vs. Passion
What’s the difference between an engaged employee and a passionate one? Engaged employees are switched on: conscientious about their work, do everything that is expected of them, and comply with policies and procedures to the letter.

Then there are passionate employees. These people don’t just stick to the rulebook—they do whatever it takes to delight customers. These emotionally committed employees are passionate about their work, and the organization they work for.

Research continuously shows that there is a direct link between employee engagement and higher performance. We believe that employee engagement is just the starting point…passionate employees take your organization to the next level. Leaders must create a work environment where employees are not just engaged, but are actually passionate about the organization they work for and the job they do.

Intégro Leadership has conducted research into this very subject, and has found that a large majority of employees are passionate overall—about the organization and/or the job. But of these employees, only roughly half are passionate about the organization. This gap—the passion deficit—underlines the hidden emotional disconnect among otherwise engaged employees.

The passion deficit highlights how even top performers can feel disconnected from their employer and may look for other options. Leaders who want to retain their top talent should take a look at Intégro’s Research Desk report on this topic. Select the link below to get a better understanding of why employees are passionate about their work, but not their employer—and what you can do about it.

How Passionate and Engaged are Your Employees?
Outstanding organizations realize the invaluable contributions that result from employee engagement. Passionate employees are focused, engaged, and committed to doing their best in everything they do. As a result, they deliver exceptional value to your customers, whether they are external or internal.

Passion contributes more towards value creation than any other human capability (based on research from Gary Hamel, author of The Future of Management, see video above). The primary purpose of your organization is to deliver value to your customers through your products and services. The more passionate your employees are the more value you will deliver—value your competitors cannot match.

The Employee (Employee Engagement) Passion Survey shows you how passionate your employees really are. The survey measures employee passion on two levels:

  • Passion for the job: the degree to which employees are emotionally connected to their work and are committed to doing their best
  • Passion for the organization: the degree to which employees are emotionally connected to the purpose, values, and vision of the organization and its leaders

What Does The Survey Do?

  • Shows you in detail how well your organization is doing at creating a passionate team
  • Clearly highlights the various strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to pinpoint problem areas and create initiatives to address the problems
  • Creates a benchmark for you to be able to measure the impact of your initiatives on employee passion levels through further surveys and before/after comparison of results
  • Provides the bedrock of data for tailored leadership development, team development, customer service, and other training programs
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