Laura is the kind of speaker, trainer, and coach that makes listening to her message easy and enjoyable. She taps into her diverse background to help her audience relate to the ideas that she presents in a variety of ways. Laura, simply put, is a ball of energy that makes learning fun.

Monique Messer-Baldwin
National Account Director, AT&T

Laura Davis’ impressive training presentations have challenged me to grow and to learn with an open mind. The combination of her powerful imagination and practical know-how is outstanding.

Teresa Winer
Senior Actuary, Chastain Financial Services

Laura helped us make a functioning team out of a diverse, multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers with a technical mission. Laura's energy, professionalism, dedication, and sincerity made her very effective as a coach, facilitator, and trainer under challeging conditions. She took control with gentle skill and guided the group in developing productive ways of communicating and working together, without ever interfering with the technical agenda. By her always positive attitude, the constructive way in which she tackled every problem, the thoughtful and respectful manner that she brought to every interaction, her sparkling personality, and by the results she produced, Laura earned the respect and admiration of a tough, skeptical group. We learned a lot from Laura, not least from her personal example of leadership.

Stephen Fahnestock
Senior Research Associate, DuPont

My experience in working with Laura has been highlighted by professionalism and high quality. She has always taken on projects with a positive attitude and the quality of completed projects is always top-notch.

Jeff Folmsbee
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Analysis Equifax, Inc.

Brilliant! Laura’s work is inspiring. She keeps her audience’s attention with her humorous, conversational and inspiring style. She’s an excellent communicator one-on-one, and in group settings, there is none better. I’ve attended many classes and training programs, and Laura’s are unique. She has a way of passing along knowledge so you won’t forget and she goes the extra mile in making sure you’re comfortable with the material. She prepares you for survival in today’s business environment. She has certainly helped me to develop the skills I need to progress in the business world.

Kenneth Everett
Advisory Program Administrator, IBM

Laura has a knack for face-to-face diplomacy, the art of personal negotiation, and salesmanship. When Laura rises to speak, she takes charge of her audience with great charm. She exudes an inner warmth in every word and gesture, yet her manner is convincing. She is a person who can handle any communication situation.

Hervey Ross
CEO and Founder, L.M. Reid & Co., Inc.

Laura's coaching style is a great combination of listening, sharing knowledge and asking key questions. She helps me define my priorities and objectives and then we dig into the "how to steps." The action steps that I define with her guidance are well-suited to achieving the desired results because she has developed my understanding of behavioral and communication styles and also has encouraged me to adapt my own first.

Amanda Bokker
Account Executive