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Mending the Engagement Gap in Turbulent Times | Watch Our Sponsored On Demand Webinar

Employee disengagement can be damaging and expensive especially in turbulent, disruptive times. Creating an environment where employees can remain productive and fully engage with their work while operating under uncertainty and high-pressure requires leaders to know their people on a deeper level.

It also requires a commitment to recognize and meet the individual needs of every employee by understanding there is no “one size fits all” solution. When leaders take action to make these circumstances possible, employees are able to stay connected and engagement and productivity increases.

Join me for your complimentary, personalized PXT Select assessment and demo after watching the On Demand Webinar “Mending the Engagement Gap in Turbulent Times.” Laura A. Davis & Associates works with the PXT Select solution to help companies like yours create a consistent, scalable process that provides you with the information you need to engage and develop your employees fully now and in the future.

In addition to the webinar, click here to access the ebook outlining the five basic conditions employees need to fully engage with their work according to Josh Bersin, world-renowned HR analyst and expert. The ebook also explains how PXT Select helps companies to meet these needs as well as what other companies are doing to engage their employees and come out of this crisis successfully right now.

You will learn:

  • Why employee engagement is critical to an organization’s bottom line
  • Which five conditions allow employees to engage with their work and drive results
  • The full value of PXT Select as a Talent Management tool for coaching, improving team effectiveness, developing skills, career pathing, succession planning, and more

Click here to view the On Demand Webinar.

After watching the webinar, simply send an email to laura@lauraadavis.com to receive your complimentary PXT Select assessment valued at $250.00 Also provide times to schedule an interpretation of your personalized results. We would be delighted to help you and your organization emerge from recent events stronger than every before.

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