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Productive Conflict Masterclass July 19 from 10 to 11:30 AM ET

LAD-LI-Photo-7-17Workplace conflict is inevitable. Yet most people in organizations either try to avoid it or attempt to deal with it in equally destructive but more aggressive ways.

Entrepreneur Magazine estimates that unproductive conflict in the workplace costs US businesses $358 billion per year. In addition, the typical manager spends 25-40% of their time dealing with unproductive conflict situations.

How you respond to conflict is a CHOICE. AND Productive Conflict between individuals as well as on a team is actually necessary to promote innovation, creativity, engagement, and profit.

Making conflict productive is not all about following steps in a conflict resolution model. It is about understanding why we do what we do and learning how to manage our behavior as well as our thoughts and feelings that lead to certain behaviors.

Since its introduction, the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment has helped many understand how and why we react to others in conflict situations. Bring this assessment-based program to your team with the NEW Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit and help your team members learn to change negative conflict into positive interactions.During this Masterclass delivered via webinar on July 19 from 10 to 11:30 am ET, we will explore:

  1. What drives each of us in conflict.
  2. How to recognize destructive automatic thoughts.
  3. A way to transform negative reactive behaviors into more positive responses.
  4. How to help your leaders and team members change their behaviors and improve their results.

We’ll also provide you with a glimpse of the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment and introduce the new Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Facilitator Kit. You’ll learn the Cognitive Behavior Model and see samples of the PowerPoint slides, exercises, and powerful videos that will help your team manage day-to-day clashes.

Click here to register – via Zoom July 19, 2018 10 to 11:30 AM

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From the Team at Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc.

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